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Cloud9Trader Pilot Pre-release      

This version of Cloud9Trader is a beta pre-release.

Please be patient with us as we sort out any remaining issues. If you find any, please will you let us know. We'll get them fixed as soon as we can.

The system is completely available for you to use right now but we're still putting it through rounds of testing. We wanted to get it to you as soon as possible so we can build the features you want. We'd be very grateful if you'd let us know what those are. Your valuable insight will shape this product.

The only restriction of the pilot is that you can not trade real cash. You can make live connections to your broker as if you were trading live (or use our own demo accounts), but the account you are connecting to must be a demo account. We will let you know as soon as we've it through its paces and will post all release updates on the Community Forum.

FXCM and OANDA are the first brokers we have integrated with. We're working to add a wide selection of brokers to that list. If you have a broker you would like to use Cloud9Trader with please let us know or ask them to contact us.

By using this Cloud9Trader pre-release you agree that you will not connect to live broker accounts where real money is at risk.