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Cloud9Trader API

Cloud9Trader's real time API enables you to write your own applications that connect to all of your exchange accounts over a single API. We've smoothed over the varying exchange behaviors, so that you can focus your time on building your application features rather than on writing integration code.

This can be used in web browsers to stream market data or server side to power your own algo trading bots and execute orders.

The REST and streaming WebSocket APIs use JSON as the data format so can be used by applications in any programming language. If you are using JavaScript in NodeJS or the browser, we've provided a WebSocket API Client Library for convenience.


The REST API is used for fetching the instruments list, live currency rates and historical price data over HTTPS.

WebSocket API

The WebSocket API is home to most of the action. This is where where you'll stream real time market data, orders, trades and where you'll submit orders for the fastest execution.

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